One by One Discipleship Workshop

September 18, 2022 , 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

Discipleship is an important part of spiritual growth, and the Elders of TBC have developed the One by One Discipleship Workshop to help you in this area. The workshop will be a time dedicated to equipping you with resources and encouragement and give you an opportunity to sign up to be in a discipleship relationship if you aren’t already.

During the workshop, you will be encouraged to participate in one-on-one discipleship as a way to grow, sharpen, and challenge yourself as you walk with the Lord. 

If you participated in a One by One Discipleship relationship in the past, bring your partner to the meeting with you. If you have a new partner this year, you are encouraged to bring them as well. If you need a partner, we can help you with that, you can let us know at the workshop.

Register to attend so we can provide dinner and childcare if needed.

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