April 2, 2023
Throughout the course of church history there have been many memorable moments that brought about significant change in the life of believers but none greater than the coming of the Spirit of God. Acts 2 we are introduced to the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, and throughout this narrative we will see him work in incredible ways. For the purpose of Acts 2 we see him arrive in a similar fashion as he would in the Old Testament, wind and fire being symbols of his arrival. This time though he doesn’t just come and do a mighty work but he comes and rests on the disciples. This resting brings with it a filling of his presence in them, an empowering to make much of Christ, and being sealed in Christ for eternity. All of this comes because God himself has come rested on his people. The coming of the Spirit marks God changing is dwelling place from a structural building to a new temple, the bride of Christ.
Acts 2:1-21