July 24, 2022
All of us in some form or fashion have forgotten foundational truths before that are relevant to whatever it is that we do. Athletes, performers, and business people have all had those moments of forgetting something. But forgetting something and regressing in something are two different things. For the Hebrew people, the charge of Hebrews 5:11-14 isn’t because they forgot it’s because they regressed. They are having to be retaught the doctrines of Christ and be fed with “milk and not solid food” again. For us regression in the faith can come in many ways but as discussed we oftentimes regress because we have diminished our view of sin and Jesus. The way we combat becoming dull and being fed solid food for maturity is by having a serious view of sin and a high and real view of Jesus. We as Christians have to take all sin seriously and the way we do that is by looking to God’s word to see how serious God takes sin, and by looking to Christ and seeing from the word how Jesus does experience the same temptations but yet did not sin. Our fight against dullness is a daily struggle and we can’t take any days off so take sin seriously and put yourself in front of Christ and see how he constantly gives us solid food.
Hebrews 5:11-14