June 25, 2023
The book of Acts up to this point has been outwardly focused on what is happening outside of the church. Now in chapter 6 we see what is happening on the inside working of the church and how with all of the growth has come some growing pains. In Acts 6 we see a group of Hellenistic widows being neglected and the apostles’ response is one of love for God and his people. They fight for harmony among the people and fight to keep the main thing the main thing, which for them is preaching that Jesus is the Christ. For us the same is still true. We have to fight for harmony within our body of believers and the global church at large. We do that by being known by our brothers and sisters here at TBC, we walk in the Spirit which helps us to put aside our preferences and pride and seek the care and encouragement of others, and we remind ourselves of the gospel daily because it is the gospel of Jesus Christ that unites us in the first place and gives us purpose as a body of believers.
Acts 6:1-7