We live in world at war. It is a war that has raged since humanity’s first fall into active rebellion against God. This conflict is in two theaters: the physical theater and the spiritual theater. And all is not quiet on either front! The Church faces incredible opposition from Satan, our enemy, as well as the world “club,” our opposition from our fellow man. The disciples found themselves filled with sorrow over the predicted hardships coming their way along with the imminent departure of Jesus. Christ’s instruction in John 16:4-15 reveals the powerful advantage for the disciples (and the Church) as this world war continues. Our advantage? The Holy Spirit. Why is He our strategic advantage? The Holy Spirit neutralizes our enemies and reveals the Truth (intel) we need to fight the good fight in faith. By His power and presence, we press ahead together to love, admonish, and encourage one another to move in unity. | John 16:4-15