Jesus continued his debate with a crowd of Jews that John says “believed in him”. But obviously their faith was not saving faith, since Jesus said these same people were slaves to sin [34], indifferent to Jesus’ teaching [37], children of the devil [44], murderers [44], and liars [44]. Saving faith includes knowledge, assent and trust; they had not trusted in Jesus. True disciples abide in Jesus’ word. This kind of faith produces two blessings: you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. The Jews believed they were guaranteed a place in God’s kingdom because they were sons of Abraham. Jesus said they were not sons of Abraham because they didn’t act like Abraham. In fact, they were sons of Satan, and followed Satan’s desires: lying and murdering. Jesus warned them: they did not believe Jesus because they did not belong to God. By way of application, (i) we must make sure unbelievers understand the danger they are in, (ii) the faith of our parents cannot save us, (iii) Paul said that each of us should “examine ourselves” to see if we are truly saved. | John 8:30-47