Jesus continued his speech to a crowd of Jews and Greek in Jerusalem, only 3-4 days before his crucifixion and death. Jesus said he was “troubled” at the thought of his impending pain and death. But he was committed to carry through with the suffering because it would fulfill God’s purpose and bring glory to God’s name. God the father confirmed this by speaking audibly to him. The Jews questioned Jesus, believing that Scripture said the Messiah would remain forever; so why did Jesus say he would die? Jesus didn’t answer; instead he rebuked them and told them to believe in him – the light — soon, for he would not remain with them for long, and they would soon be overtaken by darkness. John then explained the unbelief of the Jews: they did not believe in Jesus because God had hardened their hearts. Why? Because they refused to believe, as prophesied in Scripture. John said “some of them believed”, but it was not likely saving faith. They were unwilling to admit they believed in Jesus for fear of the Jewish leaders. John wrapped up this chapter by repeating the main points Jesus had preached. | John 12:27-50