How are we as Christians supposed to view motherhood? Through the book of Ruth we see the exaltation of motherhood as a crucial element of God’s plan in redemptive history. Since sin entered the world through the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, the people of God have been looking for God to fulfill His promise of eradicating evil through the One who will come as “the seed of the woman” according to Genesis 3:15. Every birth prior to Christ’s was a moment of careful observation, “Is this the One who will save us and eradicate evil?” Ruth becomes part of this story as the mother of Obed and the great grandmother of David. God so highly values motherhood that He includes the story of one mother in His grand plan to call a people to Himself in eternal salvation. And Ruth did so simply as a mother. This speaks to all mothers everywhere of their divine calling love and nurture their children in the Lord. | Ruth chapters 1-4