God’s Story on Display

May 19, 2024

Series: Sent

Book: Acts

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Scripture: Acts 21:37-22:29

This is the first of two instances where the apostle Paul will tell God’s story of redeeming him in the first person. In this account Paul recalls his former life and upbringing, he tells of his Damascus road experience, and what the Lord was doing in his life up to a point. What should leap off the page to you is that Paul has zero desire to actually answer the accusations that have been thrown his way, rather he desires to explain why those accusations are even a thing and that story is because Jesus had transformed his life. All of us who are followers of Jesus have similar stories. While we come from different backgrounds and up brings we all are Christians the exact same way, we heard the good news of Jesus Christ and he changed every aspect of our lives. We now live as Paul who said in Galatians, “it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me.” Our lives have been transformed by Christ and so in the moments where we get to share God’s story in us we must take advantage of those opportunities. Even in the face of opposition we are called to be faithful to tell God’s story of his transformative work in us.