Core Values

Our purpose describes why we are here and to what we are committed. Our values come from our convictions regarding how God has called us to pursue our purpose. The following reflects our core convictions that guide how we pursue God’s calling for Tomball Bible Church.

Gospel Centered

The heartbeat of our Church is the Good News that Jesus died for our sins and rose again. In the Gospel, we find our motivation and strength to pursue God’s calling for our lives and for our Church.


We are committed to teaching and submitting to the complete Word of God, and we believe that God is honored in this. We believe that God works powerfully through His Word to accomplish His will in His people.


We employ a ministry strategy that values substance over style. We strive for excellence in all we do, but we value simple over complex and pursue prudence rather than extravagance. We want the focus to be the simple truth of the Gospel—the person and work of Jesus.


We stress personal stewardship and joyful, sacrificial generosity in the application of our time, talents, and treasure, recognizing that these are gifts from God, not ours to use for self-centered purposes.


We embrace the amazing truth that Christ is worthy of the praise of all people in every nation on this globe.  Because of that, we will constantly pray and plan to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We believe that the people of Jesus are a people called and committed to prayer. We seek to follow Christ’s example in dependent prayer to the Father, guided by the conviction of the Holy Spirit.


We joyfully submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit. This does not indicate that we are a charismatic church, but simply reflects that we desire to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. He provides the power and strength for ministry and faithfulness to Christ. He provides unity and boldness to the Church. It is the movement of the Holy Spirit that draws men and women to Christ. We pray for His power to be made known among us, as many are drawn to Christ in salvation and filled by Him as they submit to His Word.


As a Church, we pray for the rapid multiplication of the Gospel, and we are committed to ministries that are reproducible in various contexts. We believe that true life-changing ministry usually takes place in the context of relationships. Every Christian is empowered by the Holy Spirit to minister to others, both inside and outside of the Church. Because of that, we will focus our ministry efforts in person-to- person ministries, in which each disciple multiplies his life into other disciples.