The Jews followed Jesus to Capernaum. Jesus rebuked them for seeking him in order to get another free lunch. Jesus told them not to work for “food that perishes” but for “food that endures to eternal life”. He said they must have faith and believe in the Son of God. The Jews foolishly asked for a miracle before they would believe, a miracle more impressive than the manna God provided to their forefathers in the wilderness. Jesus rebuked them again and said “I AM the bread of life”, meaning: like bread, Jesus is essential for eternal life; to partake they must come and believe in Jesus; and using the phrase “I AM”, Jesus claimed to be God. Jesus then laid out four key principles about salvation: 1. DIVINE ELECTION: God elects people who will be saved, and he gives them to Jesus. 2. IRRESISTIBLE GRACE: All those that God elects will come to Jesus and believe in him. 3. PRESERVATION OF BELIEVERS: All believers will be preserved to the end (he mentioned this three times in four verses). None will be lost. 4. HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY: Each person must make a personal decision to believe in Jesus. Jesus called the Jews, and all of us today, to come to him, to believe, in order to have eternal life (guaranteed). | John 6:22-40